4 x CO2 Cylinders

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The ultimate carbonation tool. Each cylinder provides long lasting CO2 for sparkling water on demand. Compatible with the Sparkling Module. 

  • 4 x Reusable CO2 cylinders
  • Makes up to 60 Litres of sparkling water.
  • Eligible for gas exchange.
  • Uses carbon neutral CO2.
  • Dimensions: 7cm (L) 7cm (W) 37cm (H).

Precise carbonation.

Vary the texture of your sparkling water to suit your tastes. Play with upping the carbonation, or take it down a notch for something more subtle.

Fill your glass, not landfill.

Return and refill your CO2 cylinders using our exchange scheme, while cutting down on single use plastic consumption - now that's something to feel great about.

Track your bubbles.

With the app, you can track your water usage and monitor the lifecycle of your CO2 cylinder for complete confidence. Use this data to set up automatic replenishments and never risk running out again.

] Sparkling

The Sparkling Module is the better way to enjoy sparkling water at home. Enjoy carbonated water on demand from your existing tap. Get up and running in just 30 minutes.