We filter out complexity.

We saw a problem with the products that deliver filtered water at home. Typically requiring bulky appliances, single-use plastic, or expensive renovations. Noa removes all that complexity and replaces it with a simple and intuitive solution that gives you the water you want without compromise.

We design for all countertops.

We design for speed, efficiency and space maximisation, so that any kitchen can have access to every type of water without an expensive renovation.

We innovate for impact.

We believe in the power of new technology to drive sustainable change. Our patented products can help to reduce your carbon footprint, save on energy and cut down on single-use plastic.

Our responsibility

We're committed to making sure that our activities do not negatively impact the environment or the people working within our supply chain. We're proud to be a pending B Corp and part of a community using business as a force for good.