What is Noa and how does it work?

Noa is the ring-shaped controller that connects wirelessly to the water modules beneath your sink. Simply select the water you want by tapping on Noa and then turn on your cold water tap to enjoy the water of your choice.

When will Noa be available?

Noa will be available to buy in Spring 2023. The first release will be the Filtered Module. This module comes with the countertop controller called Noa and is required to operate the Boiling, Sparkling and Chilled Modules. The remaining modules will be released in stages throughout the remainder of 2023. You can join the waitlist here: www.tapnoa.com/pages/signup

How do I install Noa?

Noa is designed to be installed by anyone, regardless of how comfortable they are with DIY. All the tools you need will be provided, as well as a step-by-step installation guide. The whole process should take no longer than 30 minutes. If needed, our team will be available to walk you through the installation with a video call at a time that suits you. If you don't like DIY, you can always hire someone to do it for you - it's a super quick job.

How much does Noa cost?

Each module (Filtered, Sparkling, Chilled, and Boiling) is individually priced at £299. The total price for all four modules is £1,196. The Filtered Module is required to operate the other modules but the system is modular, meaning you can customise your selection to suit your preferences.

How many modules can I buy?

You can own any combination of our modules but you must own the Filtered Module to operate the Chilled, Sparkling and Boiling Modules. This ensures that all your water is freshly filtered. 

How are the modules powered?

The Filtered and Boiling Modules needs to be connected to a power source. The Chilled and Sparkling Modules are powered via the Filtered Module. Access to one plug socket and a standard multi-plug adaptor will be enough to power all four modules.

What are the size of the modules?

Each module is 12 cm x 12 cm x 46 cm (Width x Height x Length). You can stack the modules vertically or horizontally depending on the size and layout of your kitchen cupboard.

Are there any maintenance costs?

You will need to replace the filter after every 7,600 litres or after one year (whichever comes first). The cylinders for the Sparkling Module will need to be replaced after 60 litres of use. Compatible filters and CO2 cylinders are available to buy on our website.

Once a year, we recommend a sanitation of your modules. This is done by inserting one of our sanitation cartridges into the Filter Module. These cartridges will be available to buy on our website soon.

Can I hire someone to install it for me?

If you don't fancy installing it yourself, then you can hire a plumber or handyman to do it for you. It's a quick and straightforward job that takes around 30 minutes.

Can I keep my own tap?

Yes! You do not need to change anything, you can simply retrofit Noa to your existing kitchen tap. That means you can enjoy the water you want without having to undergo an expensive renovation or compromising on your tap of choice.

What is the warranty period?

You have a legal warranty of two years for the goods you purchase from Noa.