^ Filtered

Ordinary tap water is out. Our Filtered Module works 24/7 to reduce the metals, chemicals and bacteria from your drinking glass, so you can enjoy the taste even more. You'll never want to go back to unfiltered water.

} Sparkling

Wish you could have cold sparkling water from your tap? Your wish is our command. Have your favourite drink instantly with the Sparkling and Chilled Module. So good, you’ll keep going back again for more. 

] Chilled

Always have cold water at the ready from your tap. Our insulated tank keeps your water constantly chilled so you can enjoy cool hydration throughout the day. Connects to the Filtered Module to filter out impurities.

[ Boiling

No more wasting time for the kettle to boil, you can have instant hot water whenever you need it. With the Boiling Module, Noa will quickly become your best friend in the kitchen. Perfect for streamlining everyday tasks like making tea and cooking pasta.