Built for modern living.

The Noa water system offers unbeatable versatility. Modules can function solo, as a duo, or a complete set. Start with the device you want. Add more in your own time. Take it with you to your new home.

Start with Filtered.

Everything is controlled by Noa - the wireless smart controller that communicates via bluetooth to up to four water modules that sit beneath your kitchen sink. Sparkling, Chilled and Boiling modules connect to your tap through the Filtered module, meaning your water tastes great and is free from unwanted contaminants.

Pair them together.

Add any water module to the base Filtered module. Choose from Sparkling, Chilled or Boiling. All modules are stored discreetly beneath your kitchen sink and connect wirelessly via bluetooth with the Noa ring.


The complete set - Filtered, Sparkling, Chilled, and Boiling. Plus your regular hot and cold tap water. Simply connect to your tap hoses and transform your ordinary tap into freshly filtered water of every kind.