5 reasons to love the NOA
Filtered Module.

Why this filter might be your new favourite kitchen device.

Person stirring a green liquid in a glass on a bedside table.

1. Removes harmful contaminants

Increasing levels of pollutants in the environment are causing harmful substances to leak into our drinking water. One example is the rise of PFAs, also known as "forever chemicals," found in unsafe levels in over one-third of UK water sources.

The Noa Filtered Module is an easy way to reduce your exposure to these pollutants. Noa uses an activated carbon block filter which removes particles down to 0.5 microns (smaller than a human blood cell), and filters out contaminants like heavy metals, viruses, pesticides and microplastics.

Person filling a clear glass carafe with water from a modern kitchen faucet.

2. Longer lasting filtration

Feeling frustrated by the constant need to replace your water filter? What if you had a filter that lasted long enough to avoid the irritating and costly frequent filter changes?

With Noa, your filter cartridges last up to one year or 4,000 litres, whichever comes first. And for £60 per filter cartridge, that's works out to just £5 per month for filtered water on tap. 

Woman in cardigan drinking water from a glass.

3. Better taste

Ever noticed how tap water can sometimes taste a bit off? That's because of the impurities and chemicals like chlorine and chloromine. Regular filter jugs can help, but they're slow to refill and take up valuable countertop space. 

Noa offers an odour-free and delicious tasting filtered water from your tap. And because it's an undersink filter, it saves you both time and space in the kitchen. Staying hydrated has never been easier! 

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5. Risk-free 60 day returns

We guarantee that Noa will improve the taste and feel of your drinking water. But if you're not happy then you can return your Filtered Module to us within 60 days.